What’s up, holdup! Round #2

October 8, 2014

That day was a very mind-boggling experience.

It was PX’s birthday that day, and Gavin decided to move his birthday celebration on that day as well, since it was only 2 days away. We were to celebrate their birthdays at Gavin’s family restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City and we were supposed to go there after class. And we did. Some of us went ahead, and some of us stayed behind, giving an excuse that we were to wait for our other friends, while in fact, we stayed behind to get the cake that Kiane already preordered. The one who stayed behind were Kiane, Erwin, Mon, Alan, and yours truly.

After getting the cake, we stood there along España, waiting for a ride to get on. There was this FX that was near that had no people in it. Since there were 5 of us, we decided to get on. There was this voice telling me not to ride it, which I later on found out, upon pondering about what happened, was the Holy Spirit. I had this very eerie feeling. I said to them (non-verbatim), “Guys, wag tayo sumakay jan, mukhang luma, baka pangit yung aircon, mainit yan” The FX was indeed old, and I couldn’t make another excuse for not riding it, so I used the “luma, sira aircon” card. They were already going inside so I had no other choice but to get in as well.


LESSON #1: Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and FOLLOW it. He indeed helps you everytime. You just have to be conscious of his voice. I was reluctant because I wasn’t sure if it was really him. Asar tuloy ako sa sarili ko. Haha. Ilang weeks na to dinidiscuss sa church eh. But now I know.

John 14:16 AMP
“And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that He may remain with you forever”


We were the first ones to ride the FX. I don’t remember how the FX was filled, but this is how we were seated in the FX


#1 and #2 were the ones who did the holdup. This was already my second time experiencing a holdup. My first time was during our prepation for our General Assembly for JPIA. I was walking along España going to the shed near St. Thomas Square to ride an FX to gp to our blockmate’s place, where we were practicing and making props for the general assembly. It was raining that time, so there were few people around. Some guy went behind my back and pointed something sharp. I wasn’t too fond to know what pointy thing it was, but my best guess would be a knife. He told me to give my phone. I gave my phone, then he fled.

I wasn’t traumatized that time because everything happened in a flash.

This time around, it was different. We are in a moving vehicle, #2 had a knife on his hand, and we wouldn’t be able to do anything since we were in a tight space. I couldn’t do anything. I felt helpless. We were all just students there. They could’ve decided to kill us all right there. I can’t even fathom the thought of one of us having to have our lives ending there. Instantly, I prayed and spoke in tongues, quietly. It was the only thing I could do.

#1 and #2 dropped off at Pegasus. I don’t know if that is a street or a landmark, I wasn’t really familiar with the place. But it was the street a little farther from Araneta, Sto. Domingo church. We hurriedly went to the nearest police station, the one on the sogo street across Fisher Mall, which told us to go to another police station, which was a street before the National Bookstore street. That time, I already told my self that it would be impossible to get the crooks now. They could be on their merry way with my Blackberry Z10, and with other gadgets that they took from us.

Erwin and I decided to go back and go to the birthday celebration. I guess we were on the same page already. Lol. Kiane, Mon, and Alan, along with the driver stayed.


LESSON #2: Police stations are just for show. There is no quick response team. No offense to them. Documenting is all that they do.


Fast forward.. the celebration was awesome. The food was great. We had chicken, pancit, shrimp, and pizza. Shakey’s pizza is the best. Lol. Kind of expensive but it’s worth the money. (Lakas lang maka-endorse? Di po ko binayaran ng Shakey’s. Hahaha.)

When I got home, I wasn’t really scolded. I just got an earful of tips and guides and what to dos from my parents. My dad even called all the way from out there (I don’t know where He is right now, basta nasa labas siya ng Pilipinas) just to talk to me. Mejo naaway ko pa si mama ng onti pero nevertheless, I love them. I’m not very expressive, but I LOVE BOTH OF THEM VERY VERY MUCH!

To kuya #1 and #2, wherever you are right now, I hope your needs are met. I understand that you might needed the money to provide for yourself and your family.


LESSON #3: We are blessed to be a blessing.

2 Corinthians 9:8 NLT
And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.


Here are the rest of the lessons I learned.

LESSON #4: The enemy strikes when we least expect it. Dapat ready ka for things like these. Warrior kung warrior! Don’t let your faith be shaken.

LESSON #5: Stay together as a group. Masyado kami natuwa sa walang laman na FX kaya naghiwalay kami. Haha. United we stand, divided we fall.

LESSON #6: The Lord protects us from every harm.

Psalm 91:2 AMP
I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!

Psalm 91:11 AMP
For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service].


LESSON #7: Love na love talaga ako ng parents. Sobrang feel ko yung concern nila sakin. ❤


Happy Happy Birthday Patrick Xavier Bernardo and Gavin Caw! Thank you sa libreng food, busong na busog ako kahapon. Hahaha. God Bless both of you! To my VGmates na nakasama ko sa holdap, super shared lives itu. :))

Don’t worry guys, I’m okay. Tho mejo traumatic, knowing and seeing the goodness and love of God towards me offsets everything that has happened.


Deuteronomy 31:8 AMP

It is the Lord Who goes before you; He will [march] with you; He will not fail you or let you go or forsake you; [let there be no cowardice or flinching, but] fear not, neither become broken [in spirit–depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm].

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Roller Coaster of Feelings

Uhm so yeah. I’m baack. It’s been a while. I think my last post was from last May pa. At madalas ng post ko puro tungkol sa Dragon Nest pa. Haha. Pero meron din namang mga makabuluhan don. Haha. Nagstop na ko maglaro nung nakaabot na ko ng Lv. 70. Tinamad na rin ako magblog kaya ayun, matagal tagal din akong di nakapagblog. :))

Anyway, going baaaack. I just got home. San ako galing? Galing ako ng…..

Caleruega, Nasugbu, Batangas

Retreat kasi naming mga 5th year students. First batch ang sections 1 to 4.



The night before the retreat I was bothered with something. Hanggang madaling araw ako nagiisip. Di ko matapos tapos ang retreat letters dahil dito. Ewan ko ba. Bakit kasi pag may dalawang kang gusto, minsan e kelangan isa lang dapat piliin? Hindi bang pwedeng dalawa? Ang sagwa pakinggan. Don’t worry di to lovelife. Hahahaha.

Halimbawa, ang ulam na nakalapag sa mesa pag breakfast e Bacon at Sausage tapos pinapapili ka lang ng isa. Bakit kelangan papiliin ka? Hindi ba pwedeng both? PAREHAS NAMAN KASING MAKAKATULONG SAYO YAN DIBA?

Ewan. Hanggang ngayon, pinagppray ko parin to. My heart is in disarray. All throughout the retreat, may malaking burden ako. Tawa na lang ako. :))

Mejo rant-ish ang dating. Nevermind this. Move on na kayo sa kwentong actual retreat. Haha.


Breakfast – Snack – Lunch – Snack – Dinner

Sa dinami dami ng kainan moments namin, di parin ako nabubusog. Haha. Sobrang sarap kumaen. After ng isang session ng mabigat na kainan, excited ulit ako sa susunod na kainan. Mejo PG pakinggan pero ayun. Sarap kasi talagang kumaen eh. Haha.

First night may iyakan na. Aba. E ako sobrang babaw talaga ng luha ko. Lalong lalo na pag tungkol sa parents. Ay grabe, nung sinabi ni Migs yung tungkol sa pagtreasure ng time with parents. Ayun iyak ako. Haha. Saglit lang naman. I controlled myself. Weird pakinggan pero basta. Haha. Minsan kasi ang OA ng emotions natin at minsan, ayun, nagpapadala tayo masyado.

Mixed feelings ng gabing yon. Lahat kasi nagsalita. Yung mga taong bilang lang sa kamay kung ilang beses na kami nagusap, nagkwento ng buhay nila. First, sobrang saya. I got to know more about these people na kasama ko na sa loob ng dalawang taon.

Oops putol kwento. May sh-share lang ako. Section 5A4 pala kami. Since 3A4 pa lang e sila na kasama ko. Nung una ayoko talagang malipat ng section. I’m from 2A1 nung 2nd year ako and ayun, nung nareshuffle na e sa 3A4 ako napadpad. Ayoko talaga malipat nun. O kung may lipatan mang magaganap dapat buo parin ang 2A1. Haha. Mahal na mahal na mahal ko talaga ang mga repa ko from 2A1. We had our differences of course. Iba’t ibang kultura din ang kinagisnan namin. Pero yung galawan kasi namin is always as a class. For the betterment of all ika nga, at may feeling of unity talaga. Ewan ko kung mejo OA ako magkwento o bias at clingy ako masyado sa 2A1. Hahaha.

From 2A1, 4 kaming nalipat sa 3A4 – Zyra Quirong, Kate Tud, Hershei Tanglao. Sa AMV kasi madalas na alphabetical (by surname) ang seating arrangement. Having Aurelio as my surname, ang tropa ko nun edi yung mga may apelido na A din or B. Pwede rin mag-branch out hanggang F siguro. Mga tipong hanggang 2nd row lang. Hahaha. Ayun, edi nganga. Yung mga kasama kong lilipat ng 3A4, e galing sa likod na part ng klase. Ibig sabihin silang tatlo magkaka-tropa na, ako ‘friend’ lang. I cri. Haha. Siyempre kelangan maging tropa ko yang tatlo. Kami na nga lang ang magkakasama from 2A1, tapos di pa magiging tropa? Ayun. Ngayon, sobrang clingy na naming apat. Words cannot describe kung gano na kami ka-clingy.

Balik sa 3A4. Ayun, tropa na nga kami ni Kate, Zy, at Shei. From those 3, lumaki ang circle of friends ko sa room. Dumating sa picture ang Team DL, at VGmates. Tight na rin kami neto ngayon. At basically, I was friends with everyone – mga simpleng good morning, hi, ngiti, pagtango (basta yung nod or angas na ginagawa naming mga lalaki) at mini conversations paminsan minsan. Hanggang 4A4 ganyan ang setting ng buhay ko with them. Ganito rin ang setting ko with 2A1 dati. IMHO, it is impossible to be super close with everyone sa isang room na may 40+ na estudyante. Usually, may grupo grupo yan at ayun nga as I’ve said earlier, normal friends na lang ang tingin sa iba. Imperfect, yes. Di mo tropa lahat eh. But this kind of setting is the best for me. SO AYUN, BASICALLY MINAHAL KO NA RIN ANG 4A4. Nagkaron ako ng onting tampo or galit sa kanila nung GA. Aba, sila kaya ang mag-imbe-imbento ng gagawin tas late sa practice kasi nagdota or samting. Hahahaha. Sa boys talaga uminit ang ulo ko nun. Petty. Immaterial. MAHAL NA MAHAL KO NA TONG MGA ‘TO.

Balik sa kwentong retreat. Ayun. Yung mga di ko kilala masyado, e nakilala ko pa lalo. To my surprise, grabe yung mga kwento nila. Which brings me to… Second, nalungkot or bothered or convicted or guilty ako. Siyempre, nung una di ko naman talaga gusto lahat. May mga prejudices and all. Pero nung 4th year e wala na kong problema sa kanila. Sinasabi ko to and all dahil nakapagsorry na ko sa kanila. And natutunan ko na ang lesson from this happening. Nung narinig ko yung mga kwento nung mga taong hindi ko gusto nung una, natulala ako. Na-judge ko na sila simu,a’t sapul pa lang without knowing a thing about them. As in grabe. Mga 2 mins siguro akong literally na nakatulala.

After nung first night. Mas minahal at mas na-appreciate ko pa lalo ang 5A4. Kung kaya ko lang isa isahin mga kwento nila eh. I’m not very good at expressing myself, mapa oral or written man yan. I have very poor choice of words. Sobrang simple lang talaga ng pananalita ko. Haha. Kung pasusulatin siguro yung iba, mas naexpress at nakwento pa siguro nila kung gano kagrabe yung feeling nung gabi na yon. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, eto na ang simula ng deep bonding at appreciation namin sa isa’t isa.

Quiet time before matulog. James and Jude ang binasa ko that night. Mejo ironic kasi inuuna ko yung mga may onting chapters. Haha. Pero ayun. Sobrang timely nung Word that night. God’s timing is perfect talaga. He is never late.

James 2:1-4 NIV

My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

Be not quick to judge. Ayan ang inimpose sakin ni Lord. Plano ko na magsorry dun sa mga taong yon kinabukasan. Tatlo sila actually. Di ko na sasabihin kung sino sila. Haha. Surprisingly, napakaperfect nung activity namin dun sa isang session. Yung ikutan activity thing, na you have to say kind words sa matatapatan mo. Yung dalawa sa kanila nakausap ko dun. Though sobrang saglit lang dahil 1 minute lang ata or so, nasabi ko naman na ata ang dapat kong sabihin sa kanila. Hindi nakamake ng full turn yung ikutan at di ko nakausap yung isa pa. After nung activity, hinanap ko talaga siya and ayun kinausap ko na rin siya. Ang sarap sa feeling. You made things right with people you have offended. In the process, naging kaibigan ko na rin sila. Ayos!

Sa ibang usapan, going back sa ikutan activity thing. Grabe yung mga nasabi sakin. Di ko akalain na ganun na pala ang tingin nila sakin. Lalo na dun sa mga taong hindi ko close. Grabe talaga. Sobrang naoverwhelm ako that time. Ang daming positive feedbacks. Ganun din sa mga retreat letter. Nakakabless! Sobrang napa-thank you na lang ako sa kanila at siyempre pati kay Lord. He’s doing His good work in me. Nakakabless na somehow nabbless ko na rin pala ang ibang tao.

Natutunan ko dito na I always have to let my light shine. Sometimes, we think our presence is insignificant. Di lang naman ako siguro ang nakakaramdam ng ganito. Yung tipong, feel mo na isang maliit na tuldok ka lang naman sa buhay ng isang tao. Pero hindi pala ganun. No matter how insignificant you think your presence is, may impact parin yan sa ibang tao. Akala mo walang nakatingin or nakaka-appreciate sayo pero meron naman pala.

Intermission number. Jump na naman sa ibang topic. Retreat letters. Special mention to Trish Florendo at Alyssa Aquino. Trish, sobrang unexpected nung sayo. Di ko akalain na mabibigyan mo pa ko. Huehue. Aly, yung sayo din. Di talaga ako nagexpect. Missyou! Kitakits sa services.


More of end of retreat rather than post retreat eto. Basically, after ng 2nd day tapos na ang lahat ng dramahan. Nung gabing yun. Wala ako sa mood. Ewan ko ba. Di ko maexplain. Ako kasi, I think alot of things. Yung iba worth thinking. Pero yung iba, petty lang pero malakas tama sa emotions. Nasabi ko nga kanina na minsan ang OA talaga ng emotions natin. I’ve been there eh. Haha.

Ako kasi, ayoko rin nakakaapekto ng ibang tao. Kaya as much as possible, I act the opposite of what I’m feeling. Madalas nakikita niyo kong kengkoy. Pero pretend lang yun. Hahaha. Hindi naman lahat. Kengkoy naman talaga kasi talaga ako. Ang emo pakinggan pero it’s okay. Somehow naayos din naman. Etong moody phase ko, dumadalas, at mejo alam ko na ang cause. Kaya mejo okay na rin kahit papano. Haha.

That concludes my experience sa retreat na ito. Ang dami ko pa sanang gusto ikwento pero gutom na gutom na talaga ako eh. Dinner dinner din. Hahaha.




Happy Mother’s Day!~



Le Parents at KFC SM Aura Branch Last July 2013

I don’t have a smartphone (yet), so I couldn’t take a picture of my mom. I used le picture above, taken a year ago when I still had my (old) smartphone. Hahaha.

Now, let’s go back to blogging business. Today is Mother’s Day! Yaaaay!


I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a mama’s boy. I’m actually very proud of it. My dad is a seaman, and ever since I was young my mom was the one always around. Don’t get me wrong. I also love my dad. Le best dad in the world. I’ll blog about him too, on his birthday or at father’s day. LOL. But today my mom’s the star. ❤ ❤

My mom was 39 years old when I was born. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I AM AN ONLY CHILD. (Not really a spoiled one though) I never bothered to asked why I was born too late. I don’t really care. Just as long as I know that they love me. LOL. My mom raised me as a God-fearing child so I grew up to be really kind and good. Haha. There were a little changes along the way, but yeah, I’m still a good kid.

She also disciplined me well. She’s also very strict. LOL. When I was a kid. Sleeping time is 8PM sharp. I didn’t like it because Disney movies in Disney Channel start at 7:30PM and end at 9:00PM. I couldn’t finish the movies and ended up waiting for another timr/day for Disney to have a replay of it (that is during the morning or afternoon). HAHAHAHA. Now that I’m about to graduate college, she still has this sleeping time thing going. 11PM. I couldn’t follow this thing this summer coz my body clock is all messed up.

When I had booboos as a kid, she was the one who washes it, treats it, and the one who comforts me that it’s gonna be alright. When I had toothaches, she would wake up with me, get her things ready, and pull the tooth that was aching. (She’s a Dentist you see. She’s not practicing anymore though) In UST AMV College of Accountancy, LIFE IS HARD. During my second year in college, we had to get a 2.0 grade in Accounting 1A&B and 2A&B. That would be 81 and above. i think. TRUST ME, YOU THINK THAT’S LOW, BUT IT’S REALLY HARD TO GET (for normal kids like me. lol) If you get a grade lower (2.25 to 3.0) than that, you’ll face the dreading Retention Examination. I didn’t want to take the retention examination so I studied hard. There was this 1 quiz that kept on bothering me. I was so frustrated and I cried. Le supermom came in and comforted me. You know, the usual stuff. Her caring nature never stopped there. The past academic year was the most emotionally playful year, Advacc + Tax? I thought I was a goner. I was very frustrated. And who was there (again)? Le supermom to the rescue. She’s also a Christian you see. Her very encouraging words + God’s Word really comforted me.

She was the one who always encourages me when I’m sad..The one who wants me to do the best that I can, to be the best that I can be, to be the light that stands and never falters, to be a respectful and God-fearing kid.

She was there with me through thick and thin. Through the ups and downs. Both parents are great providers. Whenever I had something that I wanted and/or needed. They provide it for me. (Again, I’m not spoiled. LOL. Sometimes, there are things that I want though. Haha)

She’s my Natural and Biological Mom. She’s my Spiritual Mom.

I don’t know about you guys but everything that I ever wanted and most probably needed is already in her.


Though sometimes we fight, know that your very handsome only son loves you. LOVE YOU MA! HART HART. HAHA. ❤ ❤

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:

Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; BUT A WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD IS TO BE PRAISED.

Proverbs 31: 26-30

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! ~ =w=






This is my Abyss Walker, LeonShadow

So yeah, I’ve been leveling my Abyss Walker. Currently @ 65. Yey, just 5 more levels to go. 1 level per day is my quota. Not in a rush anyway. Then, I do PVP afterwards. Abyss Walker, i guess, is more inclined to its PVP side rather on its PVE side.

My PVP weakness: Sorceress and Clerics

1. Sorceress. I haven’t fought any Saleanas yet, but I had my battles with Elestras, Smashers, and Majesties

  • Elestras -> Ice stacking and the most OP EX ever granted,  Freezing Sword. I know that I’m still a newbie, maybe I just don’t know how to battle Elestras just yet. But still, Freezing Sword is so OP. LOL.
  • Smashers and Majesties -> I categorize them into one because the main problem I’m having with these classes is Teleport. There are a lot of ways to use this skill. You can get from point A to point anywhere. Hahaha. Having a hard time pinpointing. For Smashers, Time Stop + Laser Cutter is OP. As for Majesties, the crowd control is just awesome. All its EX skills are utilized, starting from Gravity Ball, Triple Orbs, and Black Hole (haven’t fought any 70 people yet, but with Gravity Ascension EXcombo madness will be a lot easier and more OP. LOL)

2. Clerics. Haven’t fought any Saints yet. As a general weakness, I’m having a hard time with their “hard” nature and their electrocution. Well, Paladins don’t electrocute that much but their SA breaks hurts. LOL. Scared of Inquisitors’ Consecration because that’s where their burst DPS starts.


Gonna have to practice more and learn how to handle these classes.~

Abyss Walker


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Another Blessed Year \m/



Nung bata ako, I was always looking forward sa birthday ko. 7th birthday ko ang pinaka-bongga sa lahat. Pili lang ang invited nun eh. Mga childhood friends ko, siyempre pati pamilya nila. Mga ka-churchmates namin, siyempre included ang aking mga ninangs. Ang mga Christian friends ni mama. Relatives din namin kasama. Pati schoolmates and teachers ko sa Maria Montessori School kasama. Pero alam niyo kung ano ang nangyari? Invited buong area namin. Yung mga batang hindi ko naman kilala andun. Sobrang laptrip. Hahaha. What made it special? Siyempre, ang sandamakmak na TOYS. Seryosong sandamakmak. Isang buong queen sized bed, puno.

After that, normal birthdays na lang. Kaen kaen na lang. Ganun. Hahaha.

This year, ayun normal lang din. Kumaen lang kami ng Greenwich ni mama kanina sa Market! Market!

Kanina napagbulay bulay ko. Naks, ang lalim! Pero ang weird ko diba? May mga pagbulay-bulay pa ko. Pero ngayong 4th year ko lang nagawa yung mga pagbulay-bulay na ganito. Siguro ngayong taon ko lang sobrang na-appreciate ang mga bagay bagay.

As I was saying, kanina na-realize ko na birthdays are not about the day itself but about the entire year na lumipas. Sobrang saya ko lang kanina. Inisip ko na grabe pala si Lord this year. Sobrang daming encounters with Him. Sobrang daming blessings. Siyempre may mga downs din, pero honestly sobrang na-outweigh ng ups ko ang mga downs ko.

1. Victory Weekend. Grabe tong experience na ‘to. I think dito nag-start ang lahat? Haha. Ang leader ko na si Kiane Ricasa? Hindi kami friends niyan, as in. Inaaway ko pa sya nun (Sa utak ko lang naman. Hahaha) Sobrang sama ko pala. Haha. Pero God made a way. Siya talaga ang great restorer of relationships. In-engage niya ko, siyempre pumayag ako, nakita ko kasi yung change sa buhay niya. Alam niyo yun, yung parang may bago siyang aura. Haha. Ayun. After nun, Victory Weekend itself na. Sobrang tindi ng encounter ko with God. Even before that day, grabe na si Lord. Nagkaroon din ako ng bagong kapatid, naks. Si Kuya Ben Dela Cruz

2. Victory Group. Since leader ko nga si Kiane, part na ko ng VG niya. There,I met the people that I really considered as my brothers. Siyempre, at first, sobrang awkward, dahil yung iba blockmates ko pero di ko close, yung iba hindi, tas magkakakilala na sila tas sobrang bago talaga sa group nila. Pero in time, naging close ko rin sila. I don’t know how pero dun ko natutunan talaga ang sense of brotherhood. I could open up to them, about my problems at practically everything na pwedeng i-share e na-share ko na sa kanila. Haha. Mejo cheesy ‘to pero mahal ko ang mga to. Von, PX, Kuya Ben, Erwin, Mon, Alan, Kiane, Gavin,

3. Discipleship Group. Hala, grabe talaga si Lord. Another set of brother na naman. Hahaha. Pero kung ano ang nangyari sa VGmates ko, ganun din. Malaking sense of brotherhood. Hahaha. Mahal ko din ‘tong mga to. Kuya Kaypee, Kuya LJ, Gil, Paul

4. Lifegroup. 3 of 3. Haha. Ang dami ko ng kapatid. Haha. Ito ang bagong group of brothers ko sa New Life. Nakakainis kasi yung sched namin eh. May CompLab every Saturday kaya di rin ako maka-attend ng LifeGroup. Right now, di ko pa sila ganun ka-kilala pero I know in time, I will. Sobrang laking blessing na naging leader ko si Kuya James, at naging part ako ng lifegroup niya. Kuya James, Oliver, Dominic, Jecho, Kuya Sam, David, Kevin. Sorry di ko pa kilala yung iba. Hahaha. Promise, makikilala ko rin kayong lahat. Haha.

5. God’s People. Siyempre aside sa mga brothers in Christ ko e nakakilala rin ako ng ibang mga kapatid. Alyssa, Bibi, Anj, Angela, Karla, Kuya Ray, Ate Lorraine, Kuya Apego, other LifeBox peeps, Anessa, Tina, Faith, Bea, Pam, Ruth, Jhong, Israel, Carlos, Dani, April, Che, the other Youth Jammers. Grabe sobrang dami ko na palang mga kapatid. As Christians, we must be surrounded by God’s people. They’re there to push you up when you’re down, and to be together with you in your walk with God. Divine connections ika nga. 😀

6. School. Most emotional academic year ang academic year na itu. Yung akala mo mahirap yung first sem, pero yun pala mas mahirap pa yung 2nd sem. Sobrang faithful talaga ni Lord sa grades ko. Akala ko talaga debarred na ko, pero hindi yun yung nangyari eh. Yung Advacc, the most mapaglarong subject SO FAR, sabit sa tres. I know na will ni God na nag-transmute sila. Without that, bagsak talaga ako. God works in ways talaga that will surprise us.

7. Blockmates/Friends/Thesismates. This academic year, bonded and close na kami ng mga blockmates ko (4A4) Dahil siguro sa General Assembly. Sa mga 2A1-loves ko, ayun sobrang strong parin kami. Yung iba graduate na, sobrang nakaka-proud lang. My thesismates, ayun nakaraos. Tropang X, ayun close parin. Nag-outing na nga kami eh. LAHAT TONG MGA TO? MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL KO.

8. Family. Ngayon ko sobra sobrang na-appreciate ang parents ko. They work so hard para lang mapag-aral nila ako. Ramdam an ramdam na ramdam na ramdam ko ang pagmamahal niyo sakin. LOVE NA LOVE NA LOVE NA LOVE NA LOVE NA LOVE NA LOVE KO KAYO. Though minsan, di ako ganun ka-expressive. Know na mahal na mahal ko kayo ni papa. Pati rin pala ang mga pinsan ko na kapatid na ang turing ko, Anje and Ate Mj, love you both! Kitakits maybe after graduation or board exam? Loveyou!

9. Dancing. I love dancing, though I may not be good at it. From Paci, to JPIA, and sa latest na sayaw sa church. Sobrang daming opportunities to learn and dance.

Ito lang ang iilan sa mga blessings ko sa isang buong taong nakalipas na taon. Bonggang celebration? Gadgets? Material gifts? Di na kelangan. Just counting the blessings you received the entire year is enough, I guess.

God has been so faithful to me this past year, sobrang daming blessings and encounter with Him and with other people. Ngayon pa lang sobrang dami na ng naibigay niya, alam ko na may ini-i-store pa si God para sakin. I-surprise mo ko, Lord ha? Haha.

Thank you, Lord. Above everything else, I LOVE YOU! You are my father, my daddy, my friend, my protector, my provider. Above else, I will put you first. #JesusFirst



For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

– Jeremiah 29:11





Blessed to be with blessed people!~ = w =



Last April 27, 2014 was Youth Sunday. Siyempre, as the name implies, youth ang in-charge sa mga bagay bagay. From ushering, to communion, and everything. Ang theme is Preppy Summer (Tama ba spelling? Hahaha. Bayaan niyo na). And since youth sunday nga, the youth prepared a dance performance. Siyempre kasama ako. Naks. Thank you Lord for the privilege of dancing for You.

A few weeks back, sumali ako sa dance workshop ng youth. Ang nag-invite sakin is si kuya James Ryan Fernandez Duque, my lifegroup leader (Oha, buong buo ang name mo kuya James. Haha). Open for all youth yung workshop. Last year kasi ininvite na ko ni kuya James na sumayaw. Unexpectedly, nagkaroon ng dance competition sa JPIA kaya di na ko nakaka-attend ng practice. Kaya ayun, di ako nakasali sa sayaw ng youth. Honestly, malaki yung regret ko nun dahil di ako nakasayaw for The One who gave me this talent (Though, di ako kagalingan). Sabi ko, “Lord, promise, next time sasayaw na talaga ako for You.”

Partly kaya ako sumali sa workshop is to meet and know the youth. Ang Youth Jam (service for the youth) kasi during Saturdays lang. Eh may Computer Laboratory class kami every Saturday afternoon. Kahit anong gawin ko di ako makakahabol sa Youth Jam. So, I never had the chance to meet and make friends with the youth, kahit sa lifegroup namin. Haha.

Back to the workshop. Siyempre, nung dance workshop, I wasn’t really expecting na sasayaw na agad kami. Of course, kilala ko na si Coach Miah that time dahil siya rin yung coach last year. Ang problema, NI ISA SA YOUTH, WALA AKONG KILALA. Ang malala pa nun, wala si kuya James, kaya wala akong makausap masyado, except kay Kevin, na ka-lifegroup ko, na bago rin sa workshop. Haha. At the end of the first workshop, Coach Miah made the newcomers introduce themselves. Name, Year, and School. Mejo marami rin kaming bago. Nung nagpakilala na ko, I felt old. 5th year na ko. Hahaha. That night, may mga nakilala na ko. Mga 5 ata sila.

Tapos ayun, workshop na every Tuesday and Thursday. Okay ang youth, they are very warm and welcoming. Siyempre I had a hard time adjusting. Ibang culture na ‘to eh. Pero ayos naman, ka-vibes ko naman sila. Hahaha.

A week before Youth Sunday, tinawagan ako ni kuya James na sasayaw daw kami sa Sunday. Siyempre, di ako makapaniwala, kakagising ko lang nun eh. Hahaha. Sabi ko, “Lord, eto na ‘yun! Iba ka talaga”. Everyday na kami nag-mi-meet to practice. Finally, nung last day (Saturday, April 26) NAKILALA KO NA LAHAT NUNG SASAYAW ON SUNDAY. Oo, mejo nakakahiya na sobrang tagal kong nalaman mga names nila, pero mas nakakahiya kung sinabi na nila names nila, tas nakalimutan to, tas tatanungin ko ulit, kaya ayun I had to observe them and remember what they call each other. Hahaha.

The people above, sila ang mga nakasayaw ko. They call themselves “The Core”. Sobrang nakaka-bless lang to be with these people. Practicing, laughing at corny jokes and puns, eating, lahat lahat! Sobrang thankful lang ako kay Lord na I had the chance to be with these people, using the talent that He gave to us, for His greater glory.

I danced in 5 out of 6 services. Sobrang nakakapagod pero sobrang worth it, knowing that you danced for Him together with the people you love.



Lord, thank you for the lives of these people. I know that it wasn’t an accident that I got to meet them, laugh with them, eat with them, and dance with them. I know that meeting them is part of Your plan in my life. Bless them more and more.


#DumDum #BreathInBreathOut


P.S. Thank you ate Sendy sa pizza. 😀

P.S. #2. Di lang yung mga sumayaw kung kilala ko ha. Kilala ko na rin yung ibang youth. Haha. In time, makikilala ko na rin lahat. 😀


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This is Geraint, one of the Six Legendary Heroes and is also the Gold Dragon

Geraint’s death is probably one of the most dramatic cutscene ever. He fought against Serpentra and died protecting me (Well, except for the Assassin and Academic class. I haven’t tried the Kali class yet though. They don’t get have the cutscene of Geraint’s death). Of course, Argenta was all mad and dramatic as usual. Lol. All sorts of mayhem happen because of his death (The seals on the “evil” stones were getting weaker. Don’t know the name of the stones. Not really paying much attention. Hahaha.)

Geraint was first seen at Abandoned Welton Hollow chasing after Velskud. And was last seen at Captain Darlant’s Base.

People felt betrayed, especially tne remaining of the Six Legendary Heroes, when they knew that he was the golden dragon. He lead the Black Dragon Raid to victory, and left the other and running away with Argenta. (Not in the love story kind of way. LOL) His right eye got injured when Velskud took the Black Dragon Jewel.

He was resurrected or something but way younger and is with Argenta in the woods. I thought that the younger version was his son though, only to find out that it was Geraint himself. This was all I remembered after reaching the 60 cap. I don’t know anything about the main quest thereafter. Hahaha. And since I’m using my Abyss Walker in reaching 70, the main story might be a little different (I guess? I hope not)


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