17 Apr


Hello world! Let me introduce to you my newly made Majesty, GenesisAsh. 


I made her just this Monday, April 14, 2014 and got up to level 21. But after the maintenance the next day, the level skyrocketed. to level 41. I was like “Asdfghjkl, is there a bug or something? I don’t know what happened, but I like it.” Of course, I said all these in our native language. LOL.

I found out afterwards that there was as event that double your character’s level. I only returned back to playing Dragon Nest recently and I did not go through the news and announcements. 😛 It was kind of disappointing really. If I had leveled her up a bit more, I wouldn’t have a hard time now. Hahaha. But no regrets, just love. ❤

She’s currently level 46, and I plan to reach 70 next week. I have a beach party this Saturday, so I really can’t play at all this week. Haha.

I made this Majesty for PVP purposes. Gonna make a Gear Master for PVE purposes.

And yeah, Lotus Marsh is way gloomy and dirty but kind of dramatic. Hahaha.


IGN: GenesisAsh

Server: Greenwood

Guild: LoliKnight ->


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