10 May



This is my Abyss Walker, LeonShadow

So yeah, I’ve been leveling my Abyss Walker. Currently @ 65. Yey, just 5 more levels to go. 1 level per day is my quota. Not in a rush anyway. Then, I do PVP afterwards. Abyss Walker, i guess, is more inclined to its PVP side rather on its PVE side.

My PVP weakness: Sorceress and Clerics

1. Sorceress. I haven’t fought any Saleanas yet, but I had my battles with Elestras, Smashers, and Majesties

  • Elestras -> Ice stacking and the most OP EX ever granted,  Freezing Sword. I know that I’m still a newbie, maybe I just don’t know how to battle Elestras just yet. But still, Freezing Sword is so OP. LOL.
  • Smashers and Majesties -> I categorize them into one because the main problem I’m having with these classes is Teleport. There are a lot of ways to use this skill. You can get from point A to point anywhere. Hahaha. Having a hard time pinpointing. For Smashers, Time Stop + Laser Cutter is OP. As for Majesties, the crowd control is just awesome. All its EX skills are utilized, starting from Gravity Ball, Triple Orbs, and Black Hole (haven’t fought any 70 people yet, but with Gravity Ascension EXcombo madness will be a lot easier and more OP. LOL)

2. Clerics. Haven’t fought any Saints yet. As a general weakness, I’m having a hard time with their “hard” nature and their electrocution. Well, Paladins don’t electrocute that much but their SA breaks hurts. LOL. Scared of Inquisitors’ Consecration because that’s where their burst DPS starts.


Gonna have to practice more and learn how to handle these classes.~

Abyss Walker


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