Time Warps

30 Apr

Uhm, so yeah, I’m currently grinding my Bringer. Currently @ level 44.


*le random picture of an assassin*

I don’t know about you guys but i follow/read the main quest and follow the character’s story. The story of the Assassin class is quite interesting because it involved time warps and such. At first, I was amazed, but now it’s a big pain in the butt. Lawl. Stupid Lunaria keeps on time warping. My character is confused. Illusion keeps on telling me that Lunaria’s messing with me. Lunaria just follows me around and time warps like crazy. My mind couldn’t keep up at all (especially, right now, it was like she warped 3 times, Warrior Xian said that Charti is dead, Cidel says another story, and Karacule says another story. Lawl.

Of course, I know that Charti dies, and Cidel become the successor of Karacule, with all the drama of Karacule passing away. Hahaha. But the time warps are just = w =, that it’s messing up some parts. HAHAHA. But it’s still cool though.

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