29 Apr



This is my newly made Bringer, LeonShadow.

My Majesty, GenesisAsh is still level 50. I was planning to reach 70 last week but i couldn’t just do it. LOL. It’s because Dragon Nest released the new specialization of the Assassin Class, Bringer. I made a Chaser a while ago, and I had a hard time using in PVP. I don’t know if I’m just accustomed in using my GearMaster or if I really suck at using Chaser. Hahaha. Anyway, I left my Chaser, and decided to make a Bringer.

Not that I’m good at using Bringer, but somehow I prefer using it than Chaser. My Bringer, LeonShadow, is currently level 37. Changing jobs (again) is just around the corner, and I’m planning to become an Abyss Walker (for PVP purposes, same with GenesisAsh).

Once I reach 70, I think I’m gonna make a Light Fury (for PVE purposes, and maybe PVP? Lol). That Energy Ball thing just awesome. \m/


*photo from Dragon Nest Sea*

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