02 May



This is Geraint, one of the Six Legendary Heroes and is also the Gold Dragon

Geraint’s death is probably one of the most dramatic cutscene ever. He fought against Serpentra and died protecting me (Well, except for the Assassin and Academic class. I haven’t tried the Kali class yet though. They don’t get have the cutscene of Geraint’s death). Of course, Argenta was all mad and dramatic as usual. Lol. All sorts of mayhem happen because of his death (The seals on the “evil” stones were getting weaker. Don’t know the name of the stones. Not really paying much attention. Hahaha.)

Geraint was first seen at Abandoned Welton Hollow chasing after Velskud. And was last seen at Captain Darlant’s Base.

People felt betrayed, especially tne remaining of the Six Legendary Heroes, when they knew that he was the golden dragon. He lead the Black Dragon Raid to victory, and left the other and running away with Argenta. (Not in the love story kind of way. LOL) His right eye got injured when Velskud took the Black Dragon Jewel.

He was resurrected or something but way younger and is with Argenta in the woods. I thought that the younger version was his son though, only to find out that it was Geraint himself. This was all I remembered after reaching the 60 cap. I don’t know anything about the main quest thereafter. Hahaha. And since I’m using my Abyss Walker in reaching 70, the main story might be a little different (I guess? I hope not)


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