14 Apr

Yes, you read it right. This is about the 2048 game.

I started playing this game last Aprl 11, 2014 and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. I was just sliding up, down, left, right, on my friend’s (Ivan Daquioag) iPad and thinking that “This is fun, what am I doing exactly?” LOL. Later on, I found out that the game’s goal is to make a 2048 block, by sliding and/or combining down the numbers. 2 -> 4 -> 8 -> 16 -> 32 -> 64 -> 128 -> 256 -> 512 -> 1028 -> 2048

I was like, “This is way too easy. Just 2048?”. Ironically, I was wrong. LOL. At first, I was only able to reach the 512 block and had a hard time going past that, until I saw my other friend (Krizelle Rodriguez) play it, Her technique was to stack the numbers on the left until you reach 2048. I copied her technique and finally I was able to do it. Not at first try though. Her technique has limitations and is hard to do than more than what meets the eye.

Credits to my 2 friends up there. 😀



This is a very fun game and I highly encourage you guys to play it. You can play it on your PC by clicking this



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